Louisiana College has problems. It is not like it was in the past.

Several of the blog’s have written about Louisiana College lately.

You can quote from the bible till the cows come home. Which some dolt’s will routinely do.       (I am in no way talking about the blog author’s!)

I remember LC  from the  1950 through the 70’s. Those days of first-rate education are long gone.

Religion and education are antagonistic bed fellows at best. They have a tenuous relationship.

It seems to me the Shepard is thinning the flock and obtaining much more pasture land than it can handle.  Delusions of grandeur do not work when you are running what once was a prestigious school of higher education.

Good leadership trumps zealot leadership every time.

I smell what are routinely called hypocrites.

That is a shame, because LC should excel in its ability to educate.

Lets put the Lord on watch and education first.

Oh, and do not blame bad press on Satan.

But……Satan can be responsible for causing those in positions of authority to sweep things under the rug or try to suppress them.. (He loves to do things like that.)

Those who know me, know that I am just making fun of ignorance and mismanagement Oh, and unbelievable arrogance!.

Most of this was written  for the fun of it.

I do think LC needs to moderate its course a bit.



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