What about the Rapides Parish Coliseum?

We have a white elephant here in Central Louisiana. The Rapides Parish Coliseum. What can we do with it? Tear it down? Fix it up? Give it to the City?

Lets be blunt. The influx of Casino’s around the state have drawn the attractions to them. Mix gambling with pleasure. All the big names go to the casino’s.

The days of big name attractions coming to the Coliseum are gone. Sports shows and home shows are not drawing the crowds they use to.

There are perhaps four  or five  succesful events that come each year. Wrestling, Rap, Mud trucks, Circus, Rodeo, etc.

Also gun shows and cheap closeout vendors. Even the big Catholic meeting (Steubenville) has moved downtown.

Is there a future for the complex? Perhaps extra revenue could be generated by selling the name rights to some large corporation such as, hell…., I have no idea.. who would invest in such a  little venue. Maybe Mercedes,Ford, International House of Pancakes? (Not likely.)

To turn it over to the city would just transfer more expense on the yearly budget. Places like that now-a-day operate at a continual deficit.

If the city’s promotion of downtown has any reflection on their performance record… Just think what they could do with the  Coliseum. (Zero.)

Is it worth the money to revamp the venue? From a business stand point,I do not think so…Is there a way out of this money pit?   What do you think?  Or  care…… for that matter??


3 responses to “What about the Rapides Parish Coliseum?

  1. To be truthful, it has never been promoted as it shoud have been. I know they advertise concerts on the radio but that is about it. Most people find out about them when it is told on KALB’s 10 PM news the night of the show. A little late to buy tickets don’t you think? I guess you could always drive by and read the sign every day.

  2. Sherri Goudeau

    Surprisingly so many little events could be promoted as well as long term rv lot rentals – neighborhood flea markets, small company functions and many more. The barn is an awesome place to host a neighbor garage sale, the more sellers result in smaller individual expenses. The exhibition building is great for weddings, receptions, family reunions, small scale venues, and so much more.

  3. Sherri, It has been done over and over and over again to no avial.
    Flea markets, antique shows, etc, etc. Failure after failure.
    The place has not been kept up and when it is….
    it ends up just being half way done….

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